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Newborn Session in Chicago

January 28, 2017

Just before Thanksgiving our family got the best Christmas gift ever!!  My niece was born. The first little girl in the family in quite a while so we are all very excited!!!!  My little brother, Anthony, had a baby girl.  Well, actually he didn’t do much.  My sister in law, Nina, had a baby girl and Anthony supported her in her breathing and pushing.  Baby Daisy came into the world as perfect as she could be and I flew out to Chicago to do her newborn photos at about the 8 day mark.  Here are some of the photos from the session.

Daisy-199-Edit-Edit-2  Daisy-135-Edit-Edit Daisy-133 Daisy-215-Edit-Edit

Family portraits. Here are some images from a recent maternity session. The whole family was involved and we did a really beautiful album with them. Baby Edric was born about a month after the session.

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Newborns . . .

July 22, 2011

My husband is a bit concerned. I’ve done some newborn sessions lately and I’m just having so much fun with them. We decided some time ago that we’re done with breeding (two kids and several pets is enough) but my recent fascination with tiny toes is making his palms sweat. Don’t worry Honey, I’m just lookin’. Who can blame me. They are soooo beautiful and everyone loves looking at babies and baby pictures. Newborn sessions are long ones but I do not mind at all. I get to meet a new family, a budding new life comes to me, and I get to capture some of his or her very first photos. These photos will no doubt outlive me. This little person will not remember the very first photo session they ever did, but the images will live on. Then one day they will show their very first portraits to their children.


First Birthday Cake Smash!!

September 17, 2010

There is nothing cuter than a baby, but add a cake, a tutu and her best friend and then you have something really sticky sweet!  Here is Roxanne in her first birthday photo session.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself and her doggie did too.









Oh Baby!

February 4, 2010

It’s hard to believe that Roxanne has been here six whole months, but she has.  I had the pleasure of doing her newborn portraits, birth announcements, three month portraits and now “ta-da” here are the six month portraits.   I have a deal for “babies only”,  called the First Year Collection and I only wish that I would have been so disciplined about doing my own babies’ portraits.   The package gives you four sessions in one year – for one very discounted session fee. It’s such a good idea because as a new mom you get busy.  You forget to take your own photos, weeks fly by and before you know it your newborn baby is chasing the dog outside with an otter pop in his hand.  With the First Year Collection you won’t miss a first year “s”milestone.   Here is little Roxy with her cute little smile, bright eyes and her appetite for flowers :)



She likes flowers and apparently they are tasty because every one wound up in her mouth.


She also plays a mean game of peek-a-boo.


Here is the same pillow we used for her “pretty darn famous” newborn shot (it’s in the header of this blog).


A little Valentine’s shot for mom.


This image must be named “And this Little Piggy . . .”   Check back in six months when Roxanne turns one!!   I think we need to do a cake shot!

Maternity Portraits

November 1, 2009

When I was pregnant (both times) I had maternity portraits done.  My only regret is that I didn’t hire a top-notch, professional photographer. (It was  a photo-buddy and we were both still learning then.)  I just didn’t realize how much I would treasure them now that I’m done having babies.  Now let me tell ya, I don’t regret many things in life but not spending more time and more money on some artistic portraits of my babies in my belly is one of those few regrets.  I know why.  I didn’t feel gorgeous.  I felt fat and kinda blah about my body but now as I look back at the portraits and I realize just how beautiful I was.  Yes, in spite of the extra fat on my arms and such, I was really beautiful and I DID glow and that’s without the aid of Photoshop.   So even though I don’t do a ton of maternity portraits, I do have a special place for them in my artistic heart.  I want to make sure that every session I do is extra special and chock full of amazing images infused with all the emotions that having a baby can bring.   I do this because I know how powerful they can be and just how much these images are going to mean to the mom, dad AND child later in their lives (ya know, when the breeding has ceased).   This is a session I did a little while ago.  We wanted emotional images with some family in the shot.  The baby is now here and she is just as beautiful as her mommy.   Someday, I hope she will look at these images and know just how much she was loved even before she was born.