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OK, so we know what you’re thinking. Mother’s Day!! That’s in May. That is so far away. Well, not really. It’s March 1st and in about two months you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to think of the perfect and meaningful gift for your mom (or the mother of your children or furry children). Can we make a little suggestion? Make it easy on yourself and call us now to schedule an appointment. We will do portraits of whoever “Mom” loves and then you’ll have the most amazing and thoughtful gift to wrap and present to her ON Mother’s Day. Not only can we help you select beautiful custom prints but we also have a very nice selection of custom photo products like photo jewelry, bags, canvas art. Stuff that is sure to bring a tear to Mom’s eye. So for the next few weeks we will post a photo and an idea of what would make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Without further ado . . . Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1
A tote bag for all her stuff with your photo on it!!! Or her pooches photo on it! Bags take about 3 weeks so that is why you will want to book your session soon to get your mom’s session done and then order the custom photo bag. sophia8bday-482

I am always intrigued by how one thing leads you down a path to another and how creativity connects things and people and events in your life . . . My daughter got the part of Dorothy in the school play. A pretty big deal to any mom and especially me :) So as soon as we got her costume, I sent out a message to my friends and fam letting them know that I needed a “Toto” to model for a photo session. Because what self respecting animal nut like me would do a portrait of Dorothy without a good Toto as a sidekick ?! One of my good friends, Cindy Scott of Dogs, Etc. has a dog named Bosley and he is always up for attention.
Sophia and Bosley :) He is right at home in my studio and the lap of pretty much anyone :)
Then when I looked at the site of one of my favorite local rescues, FOCHP, I saw a puppy who was practically a dead ringer for Toto! They were calling him Scrappy. I called and asked if I could borrow Scrappy for a couple days. Since Scrappy was small (about 12 lbs) and part Cairn Terrier (which was the breed of the real Toto) I thought he’d be a good fit with Sophia my daughter.
Sophia and Scrappy/Toto in the shot I liked best. I made this into a poster for her.

Scrappy is now called Toto by the folks at FOCHP. Toto/Scrappy is a phenomenal dog. He is a 4-6 month old puppy and he is good with dogs, cats, kids and everyone!! Unbelievably he has been with FOCHP for a little over a week and has not been adopted yet. Anybody want a perfect little dog (red shoes not included) If you are interested in adopting him contact Since Scrappy/Toto is a rescue dog “looking to find his way home” I took some photos of him by himself so that FOCHP could use them to get him adopted.

And then I thought, hey, this image would make a great promotional ad for “Adoptions” and so it is. If you are a magazine or other form of media that would like to use this ad as a PSA to promote pet adoption please contact me at

So what have I learned . . . sometimes it is good to start at the beginning and just follow the yellow brick road.

Following My Heart

January 4, 2012

So, it’s a new year 2012. We all lived through Christmas and the hustle bustle of the holidays. As I look over 2011 and what the year meant to me, I said one thing to someone else and it turns out it’s really good advice for me (and maybe for others too). Follow your heart. It’s easier said than done of course . . . but when you do, or more appropriately stated when you let yourself, things have a way of just falling into place. In the spirit of following my heart I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions to keep me on the path:

1. Spend more quality time with my kids, husband, friends and fur-kids. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the “chores” of life you forget how much fun it is to just chill and make chocolate chip cookies with your peeps.
2. Do more good stuff for charities. When I can make even the slightest of difference in someone’s life, I feel so much better. I have a plan in the works. A way for my photography to help more non-profits. I’m really excited about it. More to come on that later . . .
3. Get organized, re-purpose/donate stuff I don’t need, and streamline processes. Clearing a path so that I don’t get tripped up in the “unimportant” along the way.
4. Take better care of me. Yep. I said it. This past year I was sooooo busy with my business and many other things that I did not carve out enough time for yoga and walking.

That’s my plan for 2012. I’m writing it down, slapping a little sparkly heart sticker (that my daughter gave me) on it and posting it on my wall, right above my 30″ computer monitor that I stare at all the time!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2011 was an amazing year for me professionally and personally and I’m hoping that in 2012, I will continue to follow my heart (with a side of chocolate chip cookies ‘ta boot).


Come and see me this Sunday at the Surf City Surf Dog at the Huntington Dog Beach.  I will be raffling off a photo session for you and your pet with 24 Custom Designed Christmas Cards. The raffle will cost $1 per ticket and the raffle money will go to the pet related charities of the event. Please cross post so that we r aise a lot of money for the charities  (The Pet Rescue Center, Huntington Dog Beach, OC Humane Society, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue & Chase Away Canine Cancer)

Location:Huntington Dog Beach
Time:7:30AM Sunday, September 19th

Last week I packed up the studio in my van, recruited the assistance of a couple talented colleagues and headed west with stars in my eyes and a lint roller  at hand.  I did a photo session with Shorty Rossi and four of his playful pooches, Hercules, Valentino, Bebi & Dominico.  Shorty and his furry sidekicks star in the HUGE show, Pit Boss on Animal Planet.  If you haven’t seen the show you need to check it out (click for show times). It’s always interesting photographing stars. You see them on the big screen and you wonder if they are really like that in person or if it’s all just an act. I was stunned at how totally cool, warm, and down to earth everybody was. Shorty was truly charming and such a great guy. He’s got attitude and a huge heart . . . my kinda guy.  No stranger to Hollywood, he runs his own talent agency called Shortywood, but also runs his own rescue called Shorty’s Rescue and he is committed to spreading the word that pits are really misunderstood “underdogs” who deserve our love and respect. So thanks to Shorty and his team for so much talent, drool (you’ll understand when you scroll down), fur and photographic fun. Here are some of my favorite pix/picks of the litter . . . er, I mean session.


Shorty and his main man Hercules.


Hercules was goofy and adorable and always had some spit for me to sop up with a  towel.




Bebi stole my heart with her “sweet as molasses” nature.


Valentino was just a pup and wasn’t exaclty diggin’ my lighting equipment, but for a seven month old puppy he did a pro job posing.



Dominco well he is just as handsome as he could possibly be and I think he knows it too.


When the work was done, Shorty took some time out to play with Dominico.

srossi-539After the shoot we all wanted a group shot (or at least a partial group shot).  Here I am with Shorty, David Edelstein (top left-the video master), Elizabeth Gonzalez (top-middle -my awesome assistant), Candy Clemente (right- lead dog trainer/handler for Shorty’s rescue) and Hercules, Bebi, Dominico and Valentino.

Special Thanks to Christian Duran for lending a hand on several levels, Candy Clemente who helped so graciously with getting the doggies to pose.  I owe ya a bag of cheese & meaty treats :) And to Shorty for putting up with so many flashes of light.  I might need to buy some of your sweet smelling cigars.

Maternity Portraits

November 1, 2009

When I was pregnant (both times) I had maternity portraits done.  My only regret is that I didn’t hire a top-notch, professional photographer. (It was  a photo-buddy and we were both still learning then.)  I just didn’t realize how much I would treasure them now that I’m done having babies.  Now let me tell ya, I don’t regret many things in life but not spending more time and more money on some artistic portraits of my babies in my belly is one of those few regrets.  I know why.  I didn’t feel gorgeous.  I felt fat and kinda blah about my body but now as I look back at the portraits and I realize just how beautiful I was.  Yes, in spite of the extra fat on my arms and such, I was really beautiful and I DID glow and that’s without the aid of Photoshop.   So even though I don’t do a ton of maternity portraits, I do have a special place for them in my artistic heart.  I want to make sure that every session I do is extra special and chock full of amazing images infused with all the emotions that having a baby can bring.   I do this because I know how powerful they can be and just how much these images are going to mean to the mom, dad AND child later in their lives (ya know, when the breeding has ceased).   This is a session I did a little while ago.  We wanted emotional images with some family in the shot.  The baby is now here and she is just as beautiful as her mommy.   Someday, I hope she will look at these images and know just how much she was loved even before she was born.