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OK, so we know what you’re thinking. Mother’s Day!! That’s in May. That is so far away. Well, not really. It’s March 1st and in about two months you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to think of the perfect and meaningful gift for your mom (or the mother of your children or furry children). Can we make a little suggestion? Make it easy on yourself and call us now to schedule an appointment. We will do portraits of whoever “Mom” loves and then you’ll have the most amazing and thoughtful gift to wrap and present to her ON Mother’s Day. Not only can we help you select beautiful custom prints but we also have a very nice selection of custom photo products like photo jewelry, bags, canvas art. Stuff that is sure to bring a tear to Mom’s eye. So for the next few weeks we will post a photo and an idea of what would make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Without further ado . . . Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1
A tote bag for all her stuff with your photo on it!!! Or her pooches photo on it! Bags take about 3 weeks so that is why you will want to book your session soon to get your mom’s session done and then order the custom photo bag. sophia8bday-482

So recently I got the opportunity to photograph another horse.  A friend of Cowboy’s named Annie.  She is a stunning mare and she has a completely different personality than her buddy Cowboy.   Yes, I fell in love with her too.  Guess I’m just a sucker for  a furry face.  Even though she cooperated and did of what her owner told her to, Annie did not seem to really love getting her portrait done.   She just wanted a job or to do something purposeful (I can totally relate to that).   I’m sure you will agree that when you are as beautiful as Annie, you really don’t HAVE to do much but stand there and look pretty.   And that she did very, very well.



An Equine So Fine

May 6, 2010

It’s easy to see why so many people love horses.  Plain and simple they are beautiful creatures.  I’ve never had a horse (sniff, sniff) but I’ve always been more than a little infatuated with them.   Recently I got the opportunity to photograph a horse professionally.   And now, I can honestly say that I have a new addition to the list of “things I love to do”.   My new friends’ name is Cowboy.  His owner adores him. That is as plain to see as the long nose on Cowboy’s face.  He used to be a rodeo horse until he found his current owner.  Cowboy’s  lived a long life and I bet, if he could talk, he’d have some interestin’ stories to tell.  In fact, you need only look at his images to see that Cowboy is horse with some history . . .  and quite a handsome horse at that.