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Seeing children . . .

July 28, 2011

A child is a gift. I look at mine and I think sometimes why am I so lucky. So lucky to have them, to be a part of their lives and to watch them grow. For me, photographing children is also a gift. I get to meet them – play with them – to “see” them and capture what I see so that others may see it also. I like to catch the subtleties of their little personalities and I try to turn their essence into art. I must admit I wasn’t one of those “kid-crazy” people when I was a teen or in my 20’s, but now I am finding that they bring me so much happiness. Just looking at them makes me sigh. Funny how we change. Our priorities shift and we see things differently. I think we see a bit deeper through wiser eyes. Here are some images from a recent session. This little boy is as sweet as he is beautiful. He is just about 18 months – all action, curls and the biggest eyes around.


Christmas in July!!

July 11, 2011

Yep, it’s hot, it’s summer and the perfect time to think about Christmas. No I haven’t been standing in the sun too long. I mean it. If you really wanna get a jump on your Christmas “to do” list start by booking a session for your family portraits this summer in July or August. It’s the perfect time of year to do portraits, you’re tan, the days are longer (so you have more shooting time in great light outdoors) and you have lots less to do now than in November or December. To nudge you just a bit we’re offering a special limited edition “Christmas in July” promotion. Book and complete your session in July or August and you get a studio session and a set of 24 amazing cards for $175 (location sessions offered at $225 for the session and cards). That is $75 off the regular price!! Fa, la, la, la, la!! If you don’t want/need Christmas cards then you can substitute two 8×10 prints for the cards. (fine print: Card design/print order must be completed by 9-15-11. No procrastinating!! Session fee must be paid at the time of booking to hold your spot. This offer valid for family portraits up to 5 people, pet portraits or childrens portraits. A limited number of bookings will be taken. Once our shooting schedule is full, no more Christmas in July sessions can be obtained for 2011.) Call the studio to book your session at 714 255-1382. Christmas card sampler

It’s that time of the year.  Christmas cards, baking, decorating and Shopping!!   I’ve been super busy thanks to all my wonderful clients and I’ve met so many new kids and fur-babies too.  It’s really been a blast of a season so far.  Some of my clients asked for a gift card to give to their relatives and so I’ve put together two gift cards that are perfect for the holidays.   They both include a studio session and a “gift” product.  The nice thing is the recipient gets to choose their photo product.  They can choose a photo bag, custom notecards or two 8×10 custom prints.   The value of the gift card is $250 but I am selling them for a limited time for $175 for the pet session card and $200 for the children’s session card.  The cards can be purchased by calling the studio at 714 255-1382 or by e-mail request using PayPal (just send and e-mail to and you will receive a PayPal bill)   Your gift cards will be mailed to you or to your recipient.      Each gift card has a specific serial # and does not expire.    The best thing is . . . you can even buy one for yourself to use.  Self serve Santa frequents my house often : ))

5x5 gift voucher front

5x5 gift voucher kid front

5x5 gift voucher back kid-2

Wet, Foggy, Furry, Fun

September 22, 2010

The Surf City Surf Dog event was totally awesome dude!!! Even though most of the morning was chilly & foggy,  there was  a big turn out and lots of adorable dogs!!  I did not get to shoot too much because I was having fun at the booth talking to folks pretty much all day.   If I could only clone me . . . then I could have twice as much fun and get twice as much done . . . hmmm  :)  I had some really great helpers in my booth too. Big thanks to one of my assistants Jessica, my very good friend Darlene Shinn of Pechanga’s Closet (she’s the one who makes the adorable stuffed creations) and my little people posse . . . Angelo & Sophia.    I did indeed raffle off a session and the winner was a very excited lady named Paige.


Look at this guy scoping out the waves!!!



Look it’s a pug with a straight tail!!




This dog made it look really easy!




Come and see me this Sunday at the Surf City Surf Dog at the Huntington Dog Beach.  I will be raffling off a photo session for you and your pet with 24 Custom Designed Christmas Cards. The raffle will cost $1 per ticket and the raffle money will go to the pet related charities of the event. Please cross post so that we r aise a lot of money for the charities  (The Pet Rescue Center, Huntington Dog Beach, OC Humane Society, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue & Chase Away Canine Cancer)

Location:Huntington Dog Beach
Time:7:30AM Sunday, September 19th

First Birthday Cake Smash!!

September 17, 2010

There is nothing cuter than a baby, but add a cake, a tutu and her best friend and then you have something really sticky sweet!  Here is Roxanne in her first birthday photo session.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself and her doggie did too.









Well, I’ve returned from the WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers Intl.) convention in Vegas and whew, it  was a whirlwind of good stuff.    Seeing old friends, making new ones, taking on new product lines, getting some “fabu” ideas for new products to offer and new photo tricks to try out and cool, new equipment. I’m all shaky with new ideas!!  (Perhaps, caffeine is also at play here.)   So for the next few weeks you’ll probably see my blog speckled with these NEW STUFF updates.  The first one is so darn cool I just can’t stand it.  Lisa Scarsi Photogrpahy will now be offering a line of photo jewelry.  Not the mediocre kind you see at the mall or at consumer-type camera  stores.  This sparkly stuff  is tippy-top of the line. Sterling silver in artful designs that rival the stuff you see at Tiffany’s (but the prices are not at Tiffany’s level – thank goodness).   At the convention, I was able to look at touch and feel several different lines of jewelry and this line that I’m carrying is the absolute best.  I just love the pieces!! The sample photos do not do the pieces justice. You really have to see them and touch them.  The photos are somehow part of the silver (not just a photo cut out and  sitting in the jewelry) and best of all the image quality is amazing.  The black and white images look perfect, the desaturated images look amazing and the color looks stunning.  I don’t know how they do it!!!  I’m getting a necklace with my dogs photos and another with my kids on it and a charm bracelet and a ring and . . . OK, husbands/dads you get the point right?  Mother’s Day is on the way!!!   Here are a couple sample photos to whet your whistle . . .

Picture 7
Picture 11Picture 12Not my photography in these samples.  My order with my photos in them are on their way.   Orders take about 4 weeks to arrive so if you’re thinking Mother’s Day, call now to book a session and get your order started!!  Jewelry can also be made from images from recent sessions  so if you’re one of my clients and you think you need a Mother’s Day gift, give me a ring.

About Face

March 5, 2010

Sometimes I photograph a kid and they just have the best face!  I mean all kids are cute.  Seriously, I think they are all adorable and I just love photographing them and bringing to light their unique beauty.  But there are certain kids who just give you a huge “range of face”.    This boy Lucas has got it all going on man!! I originally scheduled a modeling session with his little brother but his mom sent photos of each of them and there was something in those pix that I knew I needed to get in front of my lens.  I am so glad I asked her to  bring both boys along. (both super cute)  I got the best shots.  Here are just a couple, with more to come.  I’m just swamped right now and literally stealing moments to edit them.   I also shot some for a promo I want to do, so I won’t be showing those off ’til later . . .


Color or Black & White . . . Can’t decide which I like better.



And here is the little brother, Rylan.


City Lights Background

February 17, 2010

I have to admit, I’m a copycat.  I know that is a nasty name if you’re a kid, but I wear the title proudly.   I watched a tutorial given by Scott Kelby and I thought “Hey, I can do that!!”  So here is my version of what Scott did.  Thanks Scott.   Your da bomb and you are very witty and entertaining (which is such a bonus).  Now I know my photographical friends are saying, “But how did you do that”.  The full tutorial is on the NAPP site, but I don’t think you can access it unless you are a NAPP member (which BTW, is totally worth it if you are a photographer).    If you’re not a NAPP member, basically here’s what I did:   Set up a black background with small round string lights for the “city lights”.   Used a two light main/fill set up.   I had to put the model far away (about 12 ft.) from the background to get the lights to look all bokeh-ish and I also shot at around f2.8 at 180mm which helped to blur out the background even more.   It’s just a fun new trick to add to my arsenal.




It’s Black and White

February 10, 2010

I don’t show a lot of black and white in my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I do have a strong preference for color.  But I think some of my hesitation was that I wasn’t always excited about the results of my conversions.  This past Monday I attended a workshop and learned a few new tricks from Brianna Graham.  One of the little golden nuggets I got out of the day, was better  black and white image conversions.  Brianna showed us her methods for tinkering with the images so that  you can get more tones in the conversions and retain a lot more details in the dark and light areas.  Here are two examples of my images that I converted today.  I think these look amazing . . . lots of tonal range . . . good snap.  Just better all the way around.  Of course it helps that the models are gorgeous! Wonder who they are?


This first one is a little more contrasty but you can still see all the tones in her scarf, hair and hat.


This next one is a little less contrasty and a bit warmer but there is still a ton of detail in the shirt and hair.