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I am always intrigued by how one thing leads you down a path to another and how creativity connects things and people and events in your life . . . My daughter got the part of Dorothy in the school play. A pretty big deal to any mom and especially me :) So as soon as we got her costume, I sent out a message to my friends and fam letting them know that I needed a “Toto” to model for a photo session. Because what self respecting animal nut like me would do a portrait of Dorothy without a good Toto as a sidekick ?! One of my good friends, Cindy Scott of Dogs, Etc. has a dog named Bosley and he is always up for attention.
Sophia and Bosley :) He is right at home in my studio and the lap of pretty much anyone :)
Then when I looked at the site of one of my favorite local rescues, FOCHP, I saw a puppy who was practically a dead ringer for Toto! They were calling him Scrappy. I called and asked if I could borrow Scrappy for a couple days. Since Scrappy was small (about 12 lbs) and part Cairn Terrier (which was the breed of the real Toto) I thought he’d be a good fit with Sophia my daughter.
Sophia and Scrappy/Toto in the shot I liked best. I made this into a poster for her.

Scrappy is now called Toto by the folks at FOCHP. Toto/Scrappy is a phenomenal dog. He is a 4-6 month old puppy and he is good with dogs, cats, kids and everyone!! Unbelievably he has been with FOCHP for a little over a week and has not been adopted yet. Anybody want a perfect little dog (red shoes not included) If you are interested in adopting him contact Since Scrappy/Toto is a rescue dog “looking to find his way home” I took some photos of him by himself so that FOCHP could use them to get him adopted.

And then I thought, hey, this image would make a great promotional ad for “Adoptions” and so it is. If you are a magazine or other form of media that would like to use this ad as a PSA to promote pet adoption please contact me at

So what have I learned . . . sometimes it is good to start at the beginning and just follow the yellow brick road.

My Furry Valentine Photo Shoot

February 15, 2010

Who’s your favorite Valentine?  Your best friend . . . of course.  The day before Valentine’s Day I did a workshop with Cindy Scott of Dogs Etc. The good folks at Founders Veterinary were kind enough to host our “shindig” for the day.    I photographed a few furry cuties and REALLY, I could hardly edit any of the shots out.   They were all adorable!!!!  Here are my top picks from the sessions.  Doggie moms, I’ll get your full gallery  up in a couple of days with the motherload of “adorableness” (if adorableness is not a word, it is now).


Jake, the cutest little pup!


Bruno in a stunning composition.  He’s such a beauty.



Love the little paw lift on this one.


This is Max.  He was a pro model.  His mom has him photographed all the time.


My fave shot of Max.  He looked like a stuffed animal.  You just wanted to cuddle him.


A little walk on the wild side with Mr. Bosley.  Note the dyed red “do”.


Jake again with a different lens and wider aperture.  Just look at that face . . . if that doesn’t melt your heart . . . nothing will.

Sit, Stay, & Say Cheese!

January 5, 2010

Pet Portrait Workshop

You know your dog is a beauty to behold, so why not get kissable portraits just in time for Valentines Day!!!  I have teamed up with Cindy Scott, dog trainer extraordinaire, of Dogs, Etc. to offer this completely cool training and portrait workshop!!  Yep, Cindy trains you and your dog to get ready to model, and then I work with your furry supermodel to help them strike a stunning pose.  (come on, you knew your dog was born a star . . . all you just need some good headshots to get that career going) 

The training portion of the workshop will be held from 12-1pm on February 6th at Founders Veterinary, 330 N. Brea Blvd., CA.   The pet portrait mini-sessions will be scheduled in 20 minute increments on the following Saturday, February 13th.  Each workshop attendee will learn posing techniques, get some training (for owner and pet), receive 2 digital files from their very own furry photoshoot with professional pet (and person) photographer, Lisa Scarsi.  Cost $105 per dog. 

The last Pet Portrait Workshop we did at Camp Bow Wow in Anaheim and we got some extremely cute portraits for all doggies that participated.  

Maximus looking adorable against the fetching damask patterned backdrop.

Maximus looking adorable against the fetching damask patterned backdrop.


Bella the bella dog posing for me and her mom.

Bella, the bella dog, posing for me and her mom.

Cindy tells Max and his mom how to execute "a good stay".


Cindy tells Max and his mom how to execute “a good stay” at a past workshop.

Maximus worked hard at his pre-training and his portrait session turned out grrrrrreat!!