About Me

August 3, 2009

me -0304-EditI’ve always been someone who notices the littlest things: the way someone holds their child’s hand, a particular wistful expression, an embrace at an airport or the soft mindless caress two lovers exchange as they wait on a train platform. I like interesting people and I find most people interesting in one way or another. I prefer to get to know about a person and then create an image that whispers, screams, grunts, rambles or babbles excitedly to the viewer but there are also those random moments that just happen as we tumble through our daily lives and if I’m lucky . . . I’m the one watching through my lens . . . catching each moment as it falls from present to past.

Oh, and I should mention:  I love coffee, chocolate cake, 31 Flavors Chocolate Chip ice cream, movies that make me cry (and many do), children, babies, dogs, cats, (most things with fur . . . in fact), yoga, reading, photography, my incredible children who amaze me every day and my bestest friend and love of my life, John, who tolerates my growing collection of pets, books, and photography gadgets.  There, now you know a bit about me.  It’s your turn.

If you wanna chat about a project, I would love to talk to you. I can be contacted at (714) 255-1382 or info@lisascarsi.com. Hey, just for the heck of it, visit my site at www.lisascarsi.com

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