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Looking for Love . . .

January 20, 2012

All the pets in this video are looking for homes. They are being fostered by the good folks at Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOHCP) but they sure would like “fur”ever homes. If your home is full, would be kind enough to share this video far and wide so that these babies will find families to love for “always”.

Lisa Scarsi takes all sorts of pictures, but one of her most-special specialties is pet photography. And, during the month of February, booking any sort of photo session with Lisa Scarsi Photography will help a particular pet in crisis.

Portraits for Paws

Lilly is a homeless, 6-year-old Pomeranian with a bladder stone. She lost her human companion to cancer six months ago, and has spent the past five months at Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets. She will eventually be looking for a new family to love and be loved by, but not before she has surgery to have the bladder stone removed.

Lilly the Pomeranian

Lilly is friendly to humans and dogs, alike. (Cats, not so much.) At only 5 lbs., she would would make a great companion for the right feline-free person or family. But that bladder stone — which can’t be shrunk via medication — is threatening both her life and her chance to find her new forever home.

The surgery and aftercare will cost between $800 and $1500.

Lilly is a homeless dog with a bladder stone

And that’s where Lisa Scarsi Photography comes in. Book a photo session with Lisa Scarsi Photopgraphy during the month of February (whether for pet photography, maternity photography, family portraits, senior pictures, or just to get professional pics of your kids), and 30% of your session fee will be donated to Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets to help with paying for Lilly’s much-needed surgery.

Help save this adorable Pomeranian!

As much as Lisa would love to take your picture, she’d also like for you to know that donations can made directly to FOCHP, too! Click here, if you simply want to donate to Lilly, or contact Lisa Scarsi Photography at (714) 255-1382 (click here to email) to get great photos while helping a great dog!

Donations can also be mailed to:

26423 Scott Road
Menifee CA 92584

No donation is too small, but don’t forget to mention Lilly in the memo line on your check!

Following My Heart

January 4, 2012

So, it’s a new year 2012. We all lived through Christmas and the hustle bustle of the holidays. As I look over 2011 and what the year meant to me, I said one thing to someone else and it turns out it’s really good advice for me (and maybe for others too). Follow your heart. It’s easier said than done of course . . . but when you do, or more appropriately stated when you let yourself, things have a way of just falling into place. In the spirit of following my heart I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions to keep me on the path:

1. Spend more quality time with my kids, husband, friends and fur-kids. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the “chores” of life you forget how much fun it is to just chill and make chocolate chip cookies with your peeps.
2. Do more good stuff for charities. When I can make even the slightest of difference in someone’s life, I feel so much better. I have a plan in the works. A way for my photography to help more non-profits. I’m really excited about it. More to come on that later . . .
3. Get organized, re-purpose/donate stuff I don’t need, and streamline processes. Clearing a path so that I don’t get tripped up in the “unimportant” along the way.
4. Take better care of me. Yep. I said it. This past year I was sooooo busy with my business and many other things that I did not carve out enough time for yoga and walking.

That’s my plan for 2012. I’m writing it down, slapping a little sparkly heart sticker (that my daughter gave me) on it and posting it on my wall, right above my 30″ computer monitor that I stare at all the time!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2011 was an amazing year for me professionally and personally and I’m hoping that in 2012, I will continue to follow my heart (with a side of chocolate chip cookies ‘ta boot).