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City Lights Background

February 17, 2010

I have to admit, I’m a copycat.  I know that is a nasty name if you’re a kid, but I wear the title proudly.   I watched a tutorial given by Scott Kelby and I thought “Hey, I can do that!!”  So here is my version of what Scott did.  Thanks Scott.   Your da bomb and you are very witty and entertaining (which is such a bonus).  Now I know my photographical friends are saying, “But how did you do that”.  The full tutorial is on the NAPP site, but I don’t think you can access it unless you are a NAPP member (which BTW, is totally worth it if you are a photographer).    If you’re not a NAPP member, basically here’s what I did:   Set up a black background with small round string lights for the “city lights”.   Used a two light main/fill set up.   I had to put the model far away (about 12 ft.) from the background to get the lights to look all bokeh-ish and I also shot at around f2.8 at 180mm which helped to blur out the background even more.   It’s just a fun new trick to add to my arsenal.




My Furry Valentine Photo Shoot

February 15, 2010

Who’s your favorite Valentine?  Your best friend . . . of course.  The day before Valentine’s Day I did a workshop with Cindy Scott of Dogs Etc. The good folks at Founders Veterinary were kind enough to host our “shindig” for the day.    I photographed a few furry cuties and REALLY, I could hardly edit any of the shots out.   They were all adorable!!!!  Here are my top picks from the sessions.  Doggie moms, I’ll get your full gallery  up in a couple of days with the motherload of “adorableness” (if adorableness is not a word, it is now).


Jake, the cutest little pup!


Bruno in a stunning composition.  He’s such a beauty.



Love the little paw lift on this one.


This is Max.  He was a pro model.  His mom has him photographed all the time.


My fave shot of Max.  He looked like a stuffed animal.  You just wanted to cuddle him.


A little walk on the wild side with Mr. Bosley.  Note the dyed red “do”.


Jake again with a different lens and wider aperture.  Just look at that face . . . if that doesn’t melt your heart . . . nothing will.

It’s Black and White

February 10, 2010

I don’t show a lot of black and white in my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I do have a strong preference for color.  But I think some of my hesitation was that I wasn’t always excited about the results of my conversions.  This past Monday I attended a workshop and learned a few new tricks from Brianna Graham.  One of the little golden nuggets I got out of the day, was better  black and white image conversions.  Brianna showed us her methods for tinkering with the images so that  you can get more tones in the conversions and retain a lot more details in the dark and light areas.  Here are two examples of my images that I converted today.  I think these look amazing . . . lots of tonal range . . . good snap.  Just better all the way around.  Of course it helps that the models are gorgeous! Wonder who they are?


This first one is a little more contrasty but you can still see all the tones in her scarf, hair and hat.


This next one is a little less contrasty and a bit warmer but there is still a ton of detail in the shirt and hair.

Oh Baby!

February 4, 2010

It’s hard to believe that Roxanne has been here six whole months, but she has.  I had the pleasure of doing her newborn portraits, birth announcements, three month portraits and now “ta-da” here are the six month portraits.   I have a deal for “babies only”,  called the First Year Collection and I only wish that I would have been so disciplined about doing my own babies’ portraits.   The package gives you four sessions in one year – for one very discounted session fee. It’s such a good idea because as a new mom you get busy.  You forget to take your own photos, weeks fly by and before you know it your newborn baby is chasing the dog outside with an otter pop in his hand.  With the First Year Collection you won’t miss a first year “s”milestone.   Here is little Roxy with her cute little smile, bright eyes and her appetite for flowers :)



She likes flowers and apparently they are tasty because every one wound up in her mouth.


She also plays a mean game of peek-a-boo.


Here is the same pillow we used for her “pretty darn famous” newborn shot (it’s in the header of this blog).


A little Valentine’s shot for mom.


This image must be named “And this Little Piggy . . .”   Check back in six months when Roxanne turns one!!   I think we need to do a cake shot!

I Woof U, Camp Bow Wow

February 1, 2010

This past weekend, I did a day of shooting on location at Camp Bow-Wow in Anaheim .   (which, BTW, is chock full-o-fun for all doggies and a great place for owners to take their dogs)  For some of the staff members, who, have not just ONE dog, but a pack of their own, I did sessions with multiple dogs.  What posers!!!    I’m still editing tons of images ‘cuz we got many, many great shots. Here are my quick picks of the day (cuz I know you Campers are dying to see ’em).   Thanks Camp Bow Wow staff for telling all your clients about me and bringing in your doggies for me to photograph!!  OK, get ready to ooh and ahhh . . .


This is Kris’ main man, Pierre, who is just impossibly lovable.


Here is Kris’ full crew: Patches (the big one), Pierre, Mac, Ginger, Sophie, Chief


This dapper older gentleman is aptly named Romeo.  I just fell in love with him.


Maui poses for us by pointing out the “kisses and hugs” toy.


Guinness is a newer addition to Erin’s crew.  He’s just a pup but he was so  good in front of the camera.


A family portrait Romeo, Guinness and and Maui.   Can you believe we got this shot in about 3 minutes?


However, these guys made us work for it . . . Kona (left) and Matix (an 8 month old  rescue puppy) just did not want to pose together.  We did manage to get a  few good shots of them together.  I love this one because you can see two of Kona’s lower teeth if you look really close.  How CUTE is that!!???


Matix and Kona again.  This one is one of those shots where I just love the composition.


And for the drumroll . . .  you gotta give this girl the award for most cooperative . . . Layla.

Yes, she winks on command (OK, not really, I was just fast with the shutter button).