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I had noticed a trend:  I do a session.  I post the images on a gallery. The client loves them.  They tell me, “There are so many I want, I don’t think I can choose. Which ones do I order, what shapes and what sizes?”  They fret.  Will this print look good with that one?   They think. We talk.  They try to visualize what certain images will look like in their home or in their office, but it’s tough to have that kind of vision without a little help.   So, after much research, chatting with collegues, and a LOT of coffee consumption,  I have added a whole new service to my “menu” of cool photo stuff.   I call it an “in-home deciding session”.   It’s optional, it’s free* and best of all, it makes ordering prints so easy.   (*I might ask for coffee though.)  

How does this work you say?  Well, you do a session and you have a bunch of images you like, but you don’t know what to get or where to put them.  We set up an appointment to get together.   We cull through your picks and determine which ones are “must haves”.  We then figure out where to put them and what sizes and then . . . best of all . . . I put together “to scale” layouts of your picks (with this magical software I have), right there on the spot.   This way you can see what your prints will look like together before you order them.   So far everyone who has done an “in-home deciding session” has raved about it.  It takes the work (and worry) out of the picture -picking process (say that three times fast).    

Here are the results of one  “in-home deciding session”.    All these image were shot in one very furry session. The client’s home decor has a contemporary feel, so we went with all gallery wrap canvas prints with black borders on the sides.    I even arranged for an art installer to come to the client’s home to do the installation, making the whole process easy-peasy.    


ten wall cluster 1

ten wall cluster 2