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You have arrived . . .

September 30, 2009

at the home of my new blog.  Thanks for making the trip!  Please excuse the mess and/or the messiness that may linger for a couple of weeks.  Ya know, moving . . . unpacking boxes . . . trying to figure out where stuff is . . . trying to figure out where to put stuff.  All in all, I think the new blog is much more in keeping with “vibe” of my web site and just plain ‘ole looks spiffier. Also it’s easier for me to load larger photos faster . . . and that’s what it’s really all about. Faster loading, bigger photos and better blogging . . . can’t argue with that.   

Now remember to change over your RSS feeds and all that good stuff.  I’ll try to keep the blog action-packed for your entertainment.  Free microwave popcorn to the first  100 visitors :)

(I’m kidding about the popcorn.)  

Here is the link to my old blog if you need to refer to some past posts

The Workshop

September 30, 2009

St. Louis was a place I hadn’t been in a while.  I actually lived there for about a year when I was a kid.  The only thing I can remember about St. Louis is one day my mom and I walked through an alley to the grocery store and I brought a little toy with me.  The toy was a little mouse, called Merry Mousewife,  that swept with a broom when you pulled her.  So this time when I returned to St. Louis I didn’t pull toys, but camera gear.  I was there for the Brianna Graham Photography workshop.  

Brianna Graham has carved out her own little corner of the world of photography doing urban portraits of kids.  She, along with her work, is amazing. She taught us how to look for good locations for portraiture.  How to see the beauty in urban spots loaded with alleys and weeds and peeling paint.  She also gave us shooting tips and some demos on how to make things punch in post production.   I know I’m no where near her equal, but I did learn a lot and I had some really adorable kids to work with to try out my hand at some urban portraiture.   I pulled my wheeled Tamrac camera bag around chasing after children in alleys and in between houses and I couldn’t help but think about how a while back I was kid pulling a toy mouse instead.