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A few weeks ago I got a call from another photographer Cliff Lester.   We met about 15 years ago, although neither one of us can be sure of the exact year. (yet, another reason I regret not keeping a better journal)   I had just moved to California and was continuing my quest to learn how to take a decent photo.  I had enrolled in a Class called Commercial Photography and Cliff was the instructor.  Cliff was such a great teacher I followed him around a bit, like a bug following the light, taking a class here and a pro workshop there.  So back to present day . . . Cliff asked me to present to his class of college students at Cypress College.  The class is called “Careers in Photography”.  I was charged with the duty of giving the class an idea of how I got to where I am and what made it possible.    I admit part of the process was daunting, filling two hours of time, figuring out what to say, picking an outfit that doesn’t make me look short, determining what to show them, . . . but in the end the whole experience was really fun and fulfilling.  I had to think about what has helped me to be successful in this crazy business and what has not.  I had to think about how I do things enough to be able to explain it to people who don’t do it every day.  After the whir of the projector stopped and I pulled my samples in my rolling bag out of the classroom , I found that I have one more thing to thank Cliff for (the list is getting pretty long).  The process of evaluating where you are and how you got there is good.   The path is good too and the road ahead seems a bit easier than the one I just trod upon.

Here is what was left of the class after I bored them to tears for 2 hours.  I am the shortest one on the left.  I should have worn higher heels or stood on a box.  The students were really good sports and they all had great questions for me during the Q&A period. I so enjoyed meeting them and I could feel their passion for photography.

Here is the class with one of the best and most dedicated photo teachers I’ve ever met, Cliff Lester, on the far left.  Thanks to Cypress College and all the schools that are still able to provide places where we can go and study the arts.  Cypress has a really great photography program.  I took classes there in Photojournalism, Wedding  and Digital Photography.

Canvas Wall Clusters

February 2, 2012

Lately I’ve been doing so many adorable canvas wall clusters. Here is one for one of my pet clients. The pieces are 2 11″x14″ and 2 14×14″. The doggies are named Zachary (the boy who is not always an angel but sure looks cute with wings . Sophie who has the big eyes, and Zoe who looks smashing in the red feathered hat. (Yes, Karen the pieces are on order. Can’t wait to see them in person!)))

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 2.30.42 PM

Blog Theme???

May 15, 2010

In the past week a few people have commented on how spiffy my blog is and a couple have asked where I got my blog theme.  Since I’m a proponent of giving credit where credit is due, here’s the scoop.   My blog is a WordPress blog and the template was developed by Tofurious.  If you’re a photographer who does weddings . . . you already  know who he is.  If not definitely look him up.  My theme Tofurious 2.1 is an easy theme to work with and update and I’m certainly NOT a computer whiz kid, so just about anybody should be able to figure it out.  I also turned to a company called Lovebugs Design for a little help with the WordPress install and techy stuff.  It was worth the investment to have them to deal with all the stuff that would have kept me up half the night (cursing and drinking coffee like a fiend).   :))

It’s Black and White

February 10, 2010

I don’t show a lot of black and white in my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I do have a strong preference for color.  But I think some of my hesitation was that I wasn’t always excited about the results of my conversions.  This past Monday I attended a workshop and learned a few new tricks from Brianna Graham.  One of the little golden nuggets I got out of the day, was better  black and white image conversions.  Brianna showed us her methods for tinkering with the images so that  you can get more tones in the conversions and retain a lot more details in the dark and light areas.  Here are two examples of my images that I converted today.  I think these look amazing . . . lots of tonal range . . . good snap.  Just better all the way around.  Of course it helps that the models are gorgeous! Wonder who they are?


This first one is a little more contrasty but you can still see all the tones in her scarf, hair and hat.


This next one is a little less contrasty and a bit warmer but there is still a ton of detail in the shirt and hair.