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Maternity Portraits

November 1, 2009

When I was pregnant (both times) I had maternity portraits done.  My only regret is that I didn’t hire a top-notch, professional photographer. (It was  a photo-buddy and we were both still learning then.)  I just didn’t realize how much I would treasure them now that I’m done having babies.  Now let me tell ya, I don’t regret many things in life but not spending more time and more money on some artistic portraits of my babies in my belly is one of those few regrets.  I know why.  I didn’t feel gorgeous.  I felt fat and kinda blah about my body but now as I look back at the portraits and I realize just how beautiful I was.  Yes, in spite of the extra fat on my arms and such, I was really beautiful and I DID glow and that’s without the aid of Photoshop.   So even though I don’t do a ton of maternity portraits, I do have a special place for them in my artistic heart.  I want to make sure that every session I do is extra special and chock full of amazing images infused with all the emotions that having a baby can bring.   I do this because I know how powerful they can be and just how much these images are going to mean to the mom, dad AND child later in their lives (ya know, when the breeding has ceased).   This is a session I did a little while ago.  We wanted emotional images with some family in the shot.  The baby is now here and she is just as beautiful as her mommy.   Someday, I hope she will look at these images and know just how much she was loved even before she was born.